From Learning to Adventure: Discover the Beauty of Lyonville at Eaglemont Boutique HotelFrom Learning to Adventure:

Looking for a school camp venue that offers a combination of comfort, natural beauty, and outdoor activities? Look no further than Eaglemont Boutique Hotel in Lyonville, Victoria. With its spacious accommodation, beautiful surroundings, and convenient location, Eaglemont provides the ideal setting for an unforgettable school camp experience.

Spacious Accommodation

Eaglemont can accommodate up to 20 guests in its luxurious guest rooms, making it the perfect choice for smaller school groups. In addition, the property has ample space for camping in tents, allowing you to provide a unique and memorable experience for your students. The spacious guest rooms are equipped with all the modern amenities you need, including Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and comfortable beds, to ensure your students have a comfortable and peaceful stay.

Catering Options

Eaglemont also offers the flexibility of bringing in catering trucks, so you can provide delicious and nutritious meals for your students throughout the day. The hotel's friendly and knowledgeable staff can also help you with any requests or questions you may have about catering options.

Outdoor Activities

Eaglemont is situated on a sprawling property that includes an AFL field, perfect for outdoor games and sports activities. The property is also located close to many exciting day trip destinations, such as canoeing and ropes courses, which can provide your students with opportunities to challenge themselves and develop new skills. Whether you're looking to engage your students in outdoor adventure activities or simply want to explore the natural beauty of the area, Eaglemont is the perfect base for your school camp.

If you're looking for a school camp venue that offers comfort, natural beauty, and outdoor activities, Eaglemont Boutique Hotel is the perfect choice. With its spacious accommodation, flexible catering options, and proximity to exciting day trip destinations, Eaglemont provides a unique and unforgettable school camp experience. Book your next school camp at Eaglemont Boutique Hotel today and give your students a chance to explore and learn in a beautiful and inspiring setting.

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